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Music & Sounds

We've sifted through hundreds of CD's of meditation, yoga, and music to take spiritual journeys to, compiling a very concise list to make it easy for you to find the Shamanic and meditation music that might hopefully become as instrumental to your meditation an spiritul journeying as many of these titles have become to us. (One of the Top Selling artists is Anugama.)
In addition, if you have a CD that you feel would fit this section, please let us know and if we agree, we will add it to our growing catalog. Were are especially interested if it's an independent release, as we strive to get the things we believe in out to as many as possible. There's nothing we'd enjoy more, than you have you use our shop as another avenue for getting your independent vision out there.
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It's often difficult to find music to meditate by that doesn't have a "New Age" sound to it, and although those albums have their place, we try to find musc and sounds that are made to be used alongside teacher plants and spiritual journeying of a different shade.  This is where Anugama especially comes in.  Anugama is from Cologne, Germany. Spending a great deal of his youth working in a music shop in Hamburg, he was surrounded by a vast array of musical instruments.  When he reached his twenties, he had an irresistible urge to travel, and this eventually led him to Asia, where he settled for many years, developing his unique musical style with a strong focus on creating music to journey to.
Inspired by so many different cultures, Anugama has become a skillful multi-instrumentalist. He’s fascinated by the way in which different frequencies create music and the way these frequencies can affect our whole being, especially when seeking deep meditation or healing.  His music is lush with natural sounds and subtle rhythms, and in my personal meditation sessions where I frequently travel outside of my body, Shamanic Dream is often my “aural anchor”, gently swaying somewhere off in the distance, acting as a beacon when I need to find my way back to this human frame.
Most of the his music is very mantra-based, with flowing pieces that last 20-40 minutes each, and even the “songs” themselves flow from one into the other subtly and gently, so as not to call attention to the music itself, further allowing it to be a vehicle that simply helps to guide and transport you on your journey.  Radiating through all of his music is a joyous love of life and a deep sense of peace, and that resonates clearly whenever you listen to it.

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