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What About Incense?

  • Why Burn Incense? - This article will give you many different ideas concerning the uses of incense and how you can use this powerful tool for the benefit of mind, body, and spirit.
  • How to Burn Incense - Offers helpful tips and advice for burning different kinds of incense, as well as safety precautions that apply to any kind of incense you may burn, including sticks, cones, and resins.
  • Incense Around the World - A VERY brief history of the major sources of ancient and present-day incenses, as well as the materials available and the style of incense each culture prefers.
  • How Do I Choose The Right Incense - There are so many different styles and scents of incense, how do you know which one is the one for you?
  • Choosing Your Incense Form - The form of incense you choose to burn or to make is just as, if not more important than the components that go in to creating the scent of the incense.
  • What is Smudging? - General and detailed explanations of smudging, how to smudge, and what the physical and spiritual benefits are in relation to it.
  • Resin Incense and Resin on a Stick - A brief discussion discussing what resin incense is, including tips on how to use it, and an explanation of our popular resin on a stick products.
  • Candles and Incense - If you have ever thought about combining the scent of a candle with incense to create a uniquely-you scented space, this article can give you some great tips!
  • Gonesh Incense - If you were wondering what makes this historical incense company so unique and popular, this article contains the the information you need!
  • Indian Incense - Indian incense is generally very potent, spicy, and sweet in nature, and you will be surprised how quickly it can fill up a room, or an entire house, with its rich and earthy scents.
  • Japanese Incense - Japanese incense is distinctly clean and simple, and can create a beautiful, meditative and calming scent in any space.
  • Morning Star Incense - This Japanese incense is extremely high quality and also extremely affordable, making it the perfect everyday incense!
  • Tibetan Incense - Tibetan incense has a deep and earthy scent and is the perfect tool for cleansing and purifying a space for spiritual work and for healing the mind and body.
  • Western Incense - If you are looking for incense but do not prefer traditional Eastern scents, or if you are looking for a completely new type of incense to try out, consider looking to incenses inspired by the rituals and the sacred plants of Europe and the Americas!
  • Incense Burners - With all of our incredible incense burners, you are sure to enjoy looking for and finding the perfect thing to fit any space or individual!
  • Ash Catchers - To burn incense, one almost always will want to use an incense burner, also called an ash catcher, so as to provide a safe, fire-resistant, stable location.
  • Bottle Incense Burners - The burning of aromatic incense in a bottle incense burner is a fantastic way to cultivate, enhance, explore, and enrich your olfactory experience.
  • Stick Incense - Stick incense is the most popular form of incense in America, and there are a wide variety of styles to choose from!

What About Incense Making Supplies?

  • Crafting and Use of Magickal Scent - This article discusses several excellent introductory texts that can help you begin to learn how to make your own incense from scratch!
  • Incense Making Supplies - Incense making is a simple and inexpensive way to experience and enjoy the pleasures of the most luxurious scents of nature.

What About Essential Oils?

  • Why Use Essential Oils? - Essential oils are amazing plant tools that have an immense variety of applications for self healing and for changing the energy in any space through scent.
  • How to Use Essential Oils? - Offers helpful tips and advice for using essential oils,  as well as safety precautions that apply to any kind of essential oil you may use.
  • What are "Carrier Oils"? - Explains what carrier oils are, what they are used for, and how they can best be used in making massage oils.
  • Uses For Essential Oils - This article will discuss the various major uses of essential oils, and will go over some specific uses for each of the essential oils that we carry, so that you can begin exploring right away.
  • Essential Oil Safety - It is important to do some research before you use a new type of essential oil or try out a new use for an essential oil you already own.
  • What Are Absolute Oils? - What are absolute oils, how are they used, what safety precautions are important when using them, and how are they similar to and different from essential oils?
  • What Are Essential Oil Complexes? - Essential Oil Complexes are blends of essential oils that are specifically designed to promote synergy and balance.
  • What Is Aromatherapy? - If you are looking for alternative methods to balance your mood and your spirit, aromatherapy is definitely something to seriously consider!
  • Aroma Oil Burners - Burning essential oils in an aroma oil burner is a wonderful way to reconnect with, and rediscover your body’s timeless connection with the flora of our wondrous planet!

What About Candles?

  • Choosing The Right Candle - This article will discuss various styles of candles so that you can select the best one for you.
  • Soy Wax Candles - Candles made of soy wax are a fairly recent invention in the world of candle-making, and offer many benefits over conventional candles.
  • Making Soy Candles - Making your own soy candles from raw materials can be a very enjoyable and inspiring activity that will allow you to put your own creative touch into the candles you burn!
  • Soy Pillar Candles - Pillar candles are some of the most manageable candles out there, and now it is possible to find high quality soy pillar candles that are clean burning and look beautiful in any space!
  • Scented Soy Candles - Whatever sort of mood you are looking to create in both your external and internal spaces, scented soy candles are an amazing tool.
  • Discount Soy Candles - If you are considering purchasing discount soy candles, this article may be helpful in guiding you in the right direction!
  • Gourmet Soy Candles - If you are wondering what exactly a gourmet soy candle is, and whether you should select one over other types of soy candles, you may find this article useful.
  • Candle Holders - Selecting the right type of candle holder is absolutely essential to burning candles safely, and this article will help you to figure out exactly what type you need.

What About Spa Products?

  • All Natural Bath And Body Products - If you’ve ever sunk slowly and lazily into a piping hot tub filled with the delicious, dreamy scent of lavender essential oil, or generously applied a rich, luxuriant lotion, after a bath, then congratulate yourself: you are taking part in a wonderful, storied tradition that dates back thousands of years in human history!
  • Chocolate Spa Products - Chocolate spa products are a marvelous revelation that capitalize on the natural emollient power of cocoa butter and apply it to skin care.
  • Natural Spa Products - When it comes to spa products we are lucky enough in the present day to be able to select natural items that help and heal us, even during those few moments a day when we are in the shower or applying lotions!
  • How To Choose A Body Lotion - Next time you purchase a body lotion, be aware of the health of your skin and select a lotion that will truly help to heal your mind, body and spirit.
  • Why Use Body Wash? - The reason that body washes are so popular is that they offer quite a number of benefits over soap, and have a wide variety of applications, as well!
  • The Joy of Baths - Whether you're feeling stressed, sad or just want something nice to do in your free time, taking a bath is one of the simplest ways to be kind to yourself without spending a lot of money.
  • How To Choose A Lip Balm - There are plenty of high quality, healing and luxurious lip balms that can be obtained easily and at a great price, so there's absolutely no reason ever to settle for less!
  • What's So Great About Shea Butter? - Shea butter is an amazingly versatile and healing natural moisturizer that is sure to improve the health and happiness of your skin.
  • How To Choose Your Soap - Brighten up your bathroom, and your life with an amazing, health affirming handmade piece of soap! You will be so glad you did.
  • Making Your Own Soap - Making your own soap is fun and rewarding, and it can also help to protect you from commercial synthetic chemicals.
  • Choosing A Massage Oil - Massage is a very healing and uplifting process, and massage oil not only provides additional sensuality and healing to your experience, it also allows you to benefit from the many healing properties inherent in various carrier and essential oils.

What About Meditation Supplies?

  • Benches and Cushions - Here at Spiritual Scents we offer a wide variety of kneeling benches, zafu and zabuton, so you are sure to find the meditation aid that suits you the very best.
  • Tibetan Malas - Mala, and the prayer beads that are modeled after them, are tools that have been used by a wide variety of different faiths all over the world for the purpose of counting mantra or for prayer repetition.
  • Instruments for Meditation and Ritual - Instruments and music have been an essential aspect of all spiritual practice for thousands of years, and incorporating these things in to your work will help you to deepen your experience significantly!

What About Teas, Tinctures and Herbal Supplements?

  • Loose Leaf Teas And Herbal Infusers - Loose leaf teas are much more flavorful and provide more health benefits than standard pre-made tea bags, and with the right herbal infuser they are just as easy to make!
  • Energizing Teas - If you are looking for an energizing beverage but are trying to avoid coffee or sugary energy drinks, a tea made of natural, energizing ingredients may be just what you need! 
  • Medicinal Teas - Herbal medicinal tea blends are a wonderful tool for strengthening the mind and body in a naturally safe and healing way.
  • Herbal Tinctures - Tinctures are a great way to experience all of the healing qualities of an herbal medicine without any of the fuss of preparing the plant from its raw state!

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