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Gonesh Incense

Gonesh incense was trademarked in 1965, but the legacy of this popular and well-respected incense runs much deeper than that. More than forty years prior, a Lithuanian immigrant named Radzukinas successfully acquired the Hindu Incense Company, a small business. Fearing that his name would create confusion for his fledgling company, Radzukinas shortened himself to "Radkins". And perhaps there was something to this name-change, as from this point forward, Radkins found overwhelming success, dedicating himself fully to the manufacture of quality charcoal incense cones and burners. By the time the second generation of Radkins were ready to take up the reigns, Genieco, Inc, became reality. One of the first additions to the company's line was incense sticks. The name chosen for these sticks was Gonesh.

Continuing our theme of history, we can look at the name Gonesh and see an immediate link to the ancient "Ganesha," one of the best-known and most widely worshiped deities of the Hindu pantheon. The image of Ganesha, with his instantly recognizable elephant head, can be found across India. Regardless of sect, devotion to Ganesha is widely dispersed, and includes followers of Jains, Buddhists, and other faiths as well. Like Gonesh incense, with its purifying and invigorating scents, Ganesha has been known as the Lord of Beginnings and Remover of Obstacles.

And, likewise, as the Gonesh incense story spreads backward from that 1965 trademarking of its name, so too does it reach forward. As the company flourished through the 1960's and 70's and into the eighties, a third generation joined the Radkins family business. And, as the "hippie generation" faded, the company was forced to find success through savvy business maneuvers and the production of a superior product, which Gonesh incense most certainly is.

What makes this incense stand above so many other brands is the way in which it is manufactured. It is stick incense, but the stick is coated with charcoal which is absorbed in scented oil.  This manufacturing product eliminates that “punk” smell that so many incenses have. When the incense is burned, the oil on the charcoal is vaporized into the air, creating a rich and strongly scented smoke.

Burning Gonesh incense is like burning a resin-type incense on charcoal disks, but quickly and easily, and without the mess and need for a special charcoal censer. Not many brands are manufactured in this way because it requires a special and costly process, but Gonesh has been doing this for many, many years, and, they own all of the equipment, and manufacture everything from the incense to the packaging, all in-house.  So, when you purchase Gonesh incense you know that you will be getting a top quality product from a family owned company that really cares about its incense and its customers.

Gonesh incense also offers an extremely wide variety of scents and styles.  The Gonesh ExtraRich stick incense, for example, is a line of single note fruity, floral, woody, and spicy senses.  The sticks are double dipped in charcoal, meaning that even more essential oil is absorbed and a very rich, luxurious scent is achieved through burning them.  Gonesh also offers marvelous cone incense in a variety of beautiful scents, if you prefer this more portable style.

Gonesh even produces seasonal and devotional packages for a variety of different holidays and cultural traditions.  If you feel overwhelmed by the vast variety of incense offered by Gonesh, worry not.  They also provide an amazing variety of incense collections, so that you can try out all of their most popular scents in one very affordable click of a button!  No matter what type of Gonesh incense you decide to try, you will be sure to benefit from their decades of experience in incense crafting and the care and attention to detail that they put in to every stick of incense they produce!

We have an entire section devoted to Gonesh Incense in our Incense Shop, so feel free to indulge and pick up your favorite scents today.
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