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Bath & Body

Ahh, there's often nothing like treating yourself to the small luxury of any number of all-natural organic spa products.  We've scoured the spa scene to find what professionals were using, with one additional catch; it had to be affordable.  What we decided on were bath and body products from "Natural Products" and "natrinia".  Both are highly-respected brands in the industry, and both offer a full line of "Bath-n-Body" products for the discerning consumer.

The Added Bonus (and cost) of "Natrinia" Bath and Body Products are Well Worth the Effort...

"Natrina" is the only company that uses absolutely no synthetics in their products.  It takes a lot to reach our high standards here are SpiritualScents, but they've gone above and beyond.  We're a drop in the bucket to them, but it's a company run by women, and it's women who obviously know their natural herbal blends.  The "Natrinia" line has 5 main product "themes" that give unity to their entire line of spa products.  So, if you like the "Passion" massage oil, you can also get the same formula in a body lotion, a shower gel, a body wash, and bubble bath.

So, why not treat yourself or someone you love to the ultimate in affordable bath and body luxury!
More on our organic spa products...

Sight, smell and feel have become the trademark of Primal Elements soaps. The colors and shapes in the soaps coordinate with unique scents for a beautifully fragrant presentation. All Primal soaps contain vegetable glycerin which moisturizes the skin with a luxurious lather that rinses cleanly away. We have the Top 36 Selling Primal Soaps for you here.

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