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Natural Aphrodisiacs

Don't be shy! Generate a sensual and passionate environment with natural aphrodisiacs. To us, one of the most interesting gifts Mother Nature given the world are powerful, all-natural, scientifically-proven aphrodisiacs that can enhance passion, increase libido, enhance sexual performance, and help to increase the intensity of lovemaking. We've gathered our favorites from around the world here, chosen for their potency, effectiveness, and overall customer satisfaction, and have even included our favorite herbal aphrodiac recipe as well.
We focus on natural alternatives here at the shop, and our aphrodisiac selection is no different. Our bodies want to be well, and want to perform at their peak all the time, but factors in an increasingly stressful world often prevent that. All natural herbal supplements, extracts, teas and tinctures from Spiritual Scents are derived from potent plants across the world, thus resulting in the most powerful and effective natural aphrodisiacs for partner intimacy.

More On Natural and Herbal Aphrodisiacs

A whopping eighty percent of all prescription medication comes from plants, but since pharmaceutical companies can't patent or own plants, they first isolate the active ingredient in an effective plant (such as willow which contains pure aspirin), and then market an extracted or synthesized version of the pure herbal ingredient, stripping away the rest of the natural plant that nature has perfected over the years.
So, don't let the words "all-natural" or "herbal" fool you; many of these products are famous for their potency, are known the world over, and have been proven effective through thousands of years of use.  These are the plants that are the basis of many synthesized aphrodisiacs today, but in their natural, pure state, with the entire plant and not just an isolated compound or two.
We've made them into extracts, tinctures, teas, encapulated them, as well as crafted delicious treats as in the case of our Maca Products found throughout the site.  Maca products are one of our favorite aphrodisiac ingredients becuase not only are they world renown as an aphrodisiac, they are also a "super food" for the body and mind.  Ashwagandha is another world-renown aprodisiac as well.
So be brave, don't be shy, and enjoy one of the many facets of our humanness, our sexuality, and revel in the fact that many of these natural products have been brought to us by medicine men and women throughout history.

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