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Chocolate Spa Products

Chocolate spa products are a marvelous revelation that capitalize on the natural emollient power of cocoa butter and apply it to skin care. While some companies are satisfied with just adding cocoa powder or chocolate scents to their current product line, others have gone all the way back to the drawing board to create luxurious new inventions using this marvelous ingredient. By mixing specialized combinations of golden cocoa butter, organic cocoa powder, and chocolate extracts, many companies have created luscious chocolate spa product lines that are as pleasurable to smell as they are soothing for the skin. Available chocolate spa  products range from foot and hand lotion, to face masks, to all over body lotion.  There are even a few companies that offer chocolate scented shampoos!  With the incredible number of chocoholics in the world today, it's no big surprise that chocolate spa products have become such a hot commodity.

But, lest we forget the original joy of chocolate, its decadent taste, companies have begun incorporating chocolate spa products into their lines of Kama Sutra products. These exotic creams, oils, and body paints are truly a chocolate lovers fantasy come true! Alone or with your lover, these body paints are meant to be brushed on (and removed!) in whatever way you choose.  Unlike the above mentioned lotions, these Kama Sutra chocolate spa products are meant to be consumed. After all, what's chocolate without the sweet, creamy taste?

These chocolate Lover's Paintboxes are made from the highest quality gourmet chocolate.  They offer up a fun and interesting way to spice up your love life, and to make it even more delicious and decadent!  Although the ancient Indian text does not mention chocolate specifically as a component of the exotic and the sensual (probably because there was no chocolate available in India at the time of its writing), this product really fits in to the texts general theme of making the intimate experience as sensual and magical as possible.

In fact, as you may have heard, chocolate is a potent aphrodisiac!  A study that was carried out in 2004 in Milan asked around 200 women about their chocolate consumption and feelings of sexual fulfillment.  They found that women who consumed chocolate every day reported higher levels of sexual satisfaction, and even women who normally reported low sex drives found that they improved after consuming chocolate!  After all, chocolate contains the neurotransmitters Serotonin and Phenylethylamine, which are known to life the mood, and to increase energy and feelings of excitement!

Therefore, the chocolate body paint that we offer here at SpiritualScents is not only a fun and interesting way to spice up your intimate life, it is a way to introduce this delicious and creamy time-tested aphrodisiac in to your life.  These chocolate paint boxes are exclusive from Kama Sutra and are a chocolate lover's wildest fantasy come true.  Brush on these rich, silky body Chocolates and lick them off to your heart's content and your lover's delight. The ultimate in sweet indulgence, they're a midnight snack that's lip-smacking good and sinful sensual. The set comes with two ounces each of Milk, Dark and White Chocolate, plus a paintbrush to inspire creativity.

Also, don't forget to check out our all-natural vegan maca sun chocolate, an absolutely delicious chocolate which combines chocolate which the aphrodisiac qualities of Maca!  This amazing Peruvian root has been used for centuries to increase energy, mood and sexual desire! So, by combining a little of this delicious chocolate with our other chocolate spa products, you are sure to have an absolutely mind blowing experience!
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