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Discount Soy Candles

Let's consider, briefly, the notion of "discount" and all it implies. For most consumers, a discount seems be a good and desirable thing. Discount implies savings, an advantage, that elusive great deal for which everyone looks when they shop.  Likewise, for retailers, tossing around this term is a great way to attract potential customers.  After all, the notion of "discount" implies that there is a standard price which is higher than the price that the discounted retailer is offering.  To offer discount soy candles is to make a promise to consumers that this store's prices are better than those anywhere else.

Unfortunately, the benefits of purchasing discount products often comes with a downside. Consider discount electronics superstores, with their atrocious customer service and impossible-to-navigate aisles that stretch to infinity. Or the discount big-box stores with their similarly poor customer service and soul-stealing corporate ethics (or lack thereof). Too often, the cuts that a retailer will make in order to offer the lowest possible discount price on a product will not be worth the monetary savings that one comes out with in the end.

When it comes to a product as specialized as soy candles, the word "discount" often denotes a road you do NOT want to go down. Who, for instance, wants to be stuck with a bulk purchase of two-hundred low grade soy candles, simply in the interest of obtaining a "discount"?  Unless you are preparing to open your own business selling candles, it is doubtful that you will ever need this many candles in a lifetime, so buying candles in bulk makes a whole lot less sense than buying, say, canned food or paper towels.

At the end of the day, soy candles are a luxury product.  They are not something that is a necessity to have around the house for everyday use.  Rather, candles, particularly soy candles, as they are often made with higher quality ingredients and a variety of delectable essential oils and luxurious scents, are an item that most people buy for the purpose of treating themselves well.  One purchases soy candles in order to create lovely ambiance in a room, to fill a space with soft light and soothing scent.  Or, perhaps one might use soy candles as part of a spiritual practice, lighting them before beginning a meditation or yoga practice in order to transport the mind to a higher realm of consciousness by taking oneself outside of normal, everyday surrounding.

Regardless of the reasons that one decides to purchase soy candles, the one thing that most everyone would agree upon is that they are items that are purchased and used for the purpose of relaxing the mind and the body.  So, why then would one want to purchase soy candles made of low quality ingredients so that the retailer might offer a discount?  One advantage of soy candles is that they burn very cleanly and are very safe for the lungs, creating more positive energy for the body than regular petroleum candles.  Therefore, it seems silly to purchase soy candles that contain artificial scents and other low quality substances that will disperse into the air when the candle is burned.

Rather than looking for the best "discount" on soy candles, why not have a look at our amazing line of soy candles which are extremely reasonably priced and made from the absolute best soy wax and essential oils.  We have a variety of options, all of which are very affordable, and which are guaranteed to be of the absolute best quality.  After all, when it comes to relaxing and soothing your body and mind, you deserve the very best!

At Spiritual Scents, we have nearly a decade of impeccable customer service on our record. We offer same day shipping, 30-day returns, and an extremely helpful, friendly staff who are happy to answer whatever questions come to mind. Unsure of the benefits of soy candles? Curious about the differences in scents? Please, ask away. Unlike most "discount soy candle" retailers, we offer much more than reduced prices. See for yourself.
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