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Now In: What Are Absolute Oils?
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What Are Absolute Oils?

Absolute oil blends are a combination of pure plant essences and natural oils.  Our absolute oils here at Spiritual Scents are made in controlled, sterilized environments, and leave no residue behind. This ensures that these highly concentrated absolute oil blends are safe for mind, body and spirit.

What is the difference between absolute and essential oils?

Essential oils are primarily produced through the process of steam distillation. Some flowers, however, especially lily and lotus, are too delicate for steam distillation, which damages them a great deal.  Therefore, their oils may be extracted more effectively by extraction. These oils are called absolute oils. An absolute oil is an essence, having a very high concentration of fragrance, and, like essential oils, a little goes a long way and care must be taken in its use. Unlike essential oils, absolute oils are volatile and evaporate when exposed to air. Absolute oils must be stored in dark, air-tight glass bottles, and kept away from heat. If stored properly, they can last for more than five years.

How do I use an absolute oil?

Absolute oils are primarily used in the perfume industry to give scent to products. As they are very concentrated, they should not be applied directly to the skin, as with essential oils.  They can be used to treat many mental and physical symptoms using aromatherapy techniques.  Like essential oils, any absolute oil can be diffused in an oil burner or diluted in a massage carrier oil and applied to the skin.  Certain absolute oils, specifically lily and lotus, may be added in tiny quantities to your favorite smoking blend, but be sure to do your research before you try smoking just any absolute oil.

Types of Absolute Oils

Blue Lily Absolute

Blue lily was one of the most sacred plants used by the ancient Egyptians, said to rise and fall with the sun.  They used it in perfumes for its sweet and flowery scent.  It was likely also consumed as a sacrament, acting as a mild sedative. Diffusing blue lily absolute oil will bring heightened awareness and tranquility.  Blue lily absolute oil can be used as an addition to your favorite herbal smoke if you would like to experience the calming quality of its essence.  Just put a few drops on to your smoking blend and let dry before smoking.

Blue lily absolute is also incredibly popular as part of massage oils.  Add 10-20 drops of blue lily absolute to eight ounces of carrier oil for a sensual, calming effect.

Blue Lotus Absolute

Blue lotus has many similar elements to the blue lily flower. Blue lotus contains a lot of aporphine and nuciferine, making it a calming sedative and a potent dream potentiator.  The blue lotus had a wide variety of uses in ancient times, all related to pleasure. It has been said to promote sexual desire and to create feelings well being, euphoria and ecstasy.  Blue Lotus absolute oil is often used as an addition to carrier oils to make beautiful, sensuous and calming massage oils.  The active alkaloids in the blue lotus can be absorbed through the skin, and so this is actually a very potent form of healing.

Like blue lily, blue lotus absolute oil can be added to your favorite herbals blend. Whatever your favorite smoking blend is, just add a few drops to experience the unique and relaxing effects of this sacred plant.  And, of course, we always recommend putting a little bit of blue lotus absolute oil in to an oil burner and diffusing the scent - you will create a beautifully scented, seductive and calming atmosphere.

Red Lily Absolute

Red lily (nymphaea rubra) is a very rare plant, and it is amazing that we get to offer this beautiful absolute oil.  Red lily absolute oil has a gentler aroma and a more intensely pleasurable effect than the blue lily absolute.  The milder aroma belies the potency of the red lily absolute, and you are sure to find that the effects are very noticeable.  As with the other absolutes, red lily absolute oil works well in a diffuser or with a carrier oil.  Another wonderful way to use this absolute is simply to hold the bottle under your nose for about fifteen minutes to bring about an engaging and relaxing experience that will allow for deep meditation or brilliant creativity.

White Lily Absolute

White lily absolute oil has a long standing, deeply-rooted place in spiritual exploration. It is particularly renowned for its power to elicit lucid dreaming and dream recall.  The effects can be invoked simply by inhaling from the bottle several times, holding each breath in. This may lead to deep lucid dreaming states or to powerful meditative experiences. As with the other absolute oils we offer, white lily absolute oil can also be diffused or added to a carrier oil, although the scent is not quite as powerful as the blue lily absolute oil.  White lily absolute oil is particularly effective when combined with other herbs that induce dreaming.


As with essential oils, absolute oils are extremely concentrated and must never be applied directly to the skin or taken internally.  Be very careful when smoking them, and only apply one or two drops to your smoking blend.

Absolute oils are a wonderful way to enjoy the effects of delicate, sacred plants at a number of different levels.  If you are looking for a unique and powerful aromatherapy experience, our absolute oils will provide you with just that!
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