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Herbal Tinctures

With the rapid growth of the natural remedies market in recent years, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what form to take a natural medicine in.  Many herbs and remedies come in pill form, tea form, and powdered form, among other.  Most herbs can also be purchased in their natural state, which is the most authentic way of using a remedy, but which also often requires a certain amount preparation and which may not taste particularly pleasant in certain cases.

Another form that is commonly used to dispense herbal remedies is the tincture.  A tincture is an alcohol extract of leaves or other plant material. Herbal tinctures are usually 25% ethanol, although some are 45% or 90%.  Ethanol is the most commonly used solvent, although, vinegar and other solvents are also sometimes used.  Ethanol is generally the best choice for a solvent because it absorbs both the acidic and the alkaline constituents of the herb in question.

Tinctures have been used for thousands of years as an efficient form of receiving the beneficial aspects of herbs, although in the past they were often known as Spirits.  Tinctures are very effective forms of herbal medicine because ethanol is able to dissolve substances that are not quite as soluble in water, while the water content of the tincture can dissolve the substances that are not as soluble in ethanol.  This means that a tincture will contain more of the essential matter of a plant than, say, a tea, and will be easier to consume and digest than whole plant herbage.  Tinctures are often also more potent than other forms of herbal remedies.

Here at Spiritual Scents, we specialize in tinctures that are made in a lab that specializes in Full Spectrum Extractions.  This means that when you take these tinctures, you will receive the effects of all of the alkaloids that are in a plant, rather than just one or two.  This has a balancing effect on the body and mind and makes the experience of taking the tincture much more similar to that of preparing and consuming the whole plant.  Full spectrum extractions are done with fat, water and alcohol, meaning that all of the alkaloids dissolve in to the tincture, not just some of them, as is the case with many lower quality tinctures.

There are an incredible amount of tinctures available on the market today, and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which ones might be able to help you the most.  If you are looking for a stimulating tincture to help to keep you awake, then you may want to try a guarana, maca or ginseng extract at those times when you need a boost of energy.  If you are looking to relax and deal with anxiety, a few drops of kava kava or passion flower tincture may be all you need.  There are also tinctures, such as milk thistle, which will help to support your metabolism and immune system and which contain just as many vitamins and minerals as the whole plant from which they are extracted.  There are also a wide variety of tinctures that are blended in such a way as to heal specific concerns very effectively, targeting stress, hormone balancing, immune support and cognitive support, among others.  So, no matter what complaint you are looking to remedy, there is bound to be a tincture on the market that will meet your needs.

Tinctures are probably one of the most effective and simple forms of herbal remedies.  They are remarkably easy to transport and to take - just put a few droppers of the tincture in a glass of water and drink (or drop directly on your tongue, if you can handle it), and you will experience effects very quickly.  Due to the various methods of extraction, tinctures are extremely versatile, and you can find a tincture or an extract for most any herb in which you have interest.  They require no preparation time on your end, and are a great way to experience well designed blends of healing plants.

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