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Incense Burners

Traditionally, incense burners were referred to as "censers," and were usually small metal or stone dishes that often rested on short legs. Since many cultures treat the burning of incense as a spiritual or ceremonial event, censers were often designed and decorated with images that reflected the type of spirituality in question.

Censers can vary from simple earthenware bowls to finely carded silver or even gold vessels. Within the Roman Catholic and some other Christian churches, a censer is sometimes referred to as a "thurible," and is used during important offices. Usually, thuribles take the shape of a round, coffee-pot sized metal container, suspended from chains.  The thurible can be swung about in order to direct the potently scented incense smoke in particularly directions

Regardless of shape and meaning, the major responsibility of an incense burner is to catch the ash that falls as the incense burns. For home use, incense burners are often far more simple in design and smaller in size. There are three main forms of incense burners to match the three most common types of incense. For stick incense, burners are normally narrow wooden or ceramic plates, long enough to facilitate a standard 11" incense stick, along with anything shorter. Specialized versions of these stick incense burners are carved and personalized by designer. Truly, those who wish to make a statement with their ash catchers should have no problem finding one that suits their taste.  We even offer ingenious bottle incense holders waste no part of the incense by allowing the incense to burn inside the bottle as the smoke released through specially cut breathing holes!

For cone incense, the typical incense burner is an adaptation of a simple ceramic plate, on which the cone can sit at center and burn freely. Like the wooden ash catchers, these ceramic plates are a wonderful medium for expression, whether through unique shapes or hand-painted designs.  One can also find beautiful brass cone burners which hold incense cones of all sizes and which add an exotic and classy look to any room.

Finally, for granulated or resin incense, there are "resin burners," which are normally made of copper or some similar metal.  One simply places burning charcoal into the bottom of the burner, and loose incense or resin in the top, and this allows the incense to burn slowly and with maximum effect.

Although its not exactly incense, you can also find a number of absolutely beautiful essential oil burners made out of gorgeous materials such as soapstone and ceramic and carved with elegant designs.  These burners allow you to gently heat essential oils with a votive candle or tea light to create a long lasting aroma that will fill up any room.  These burners come in so many beautiful styles and materials that you are sure to find the perfect piece of art to suite your home and fill it with amazing scents!

We also offer a variety of other interesting and beautiful incense burner options to suite any of your desires.  We have gorgeous Spirit Jars and Smudging Bundle Pots hand crafted in Mexico that are perfect for holding smudging bundles such as sage and cedar.  We also have unique and beautiful incense box burners that are hand carved and which not only store incense, but can also be used to burn stick or cone incense!  So, with all of these incredible options, you are sure to enjoy looking for and finding the perfect incense burner to fit any space or individual!
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