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Now In: What's So Great About Shea Butter?
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What's So Great About Shea Butter?

In the past few years, a wide variety of moisturizing plant oils and butters have exploded on to the natural spa products market, offering consumers an incredible variety of options for healing and beautifying the skin.  Now that we have the option to choose products containing anything from hemp oil to coconut butter, there is no reason that the health conscious individual will ever have to expose their body to petroleum or synthetic moisturizers ever again.

Among the many marvelous moisturizing products that we are now fortunate to have access to is Shea butter.  Shea butter is a beautiful, rich ivory colored butter extracted from the nut of the African shea tree.  It is extracted through crushing, boiling and stirring, as it has been for centuries in Africa, and so one doesn't have to be concerned that artificial chemicals are used in the shea butter extraction process.  Shea butter is used widely as an ingredient in moisturizers, salves and lotions.  It is an incredibly versatile ingredient, as it is also edible and is occasionally even used in the making of chocolate as a substitute for cocoa butter.

The reason that shea butter is so popular as a moisturizing product is that it is solid at room temperature but melts at body temperature, rapidly absorbing in to the skin without leaving a greasy feeling.  It is one of the most healing plant butters available, and does not clog pores or leave residue.  It is also used in candle making, in curing wood, and is often put in to soap to prevent the product from drying the skin.

Not only is shea butter extremely versatile and a great moisturizer, it has many amazing medicinal properties.  Shea butter has powerful anti-inflammatory and emollient properties all on its own, and can also be easily combined with essential oils to create a wide variety of healing ointments.  Shea butter is effective in treating scars, eczema, burns, rashes, dry skin, wrinkles, psoriasis and many other skin conditions.  It also reduces the effects of UV damage on the skin.  In Nigeria, it is even used on the face to relieve nasal congestion, as the hydrating properties ease tension in the face and make it easier to breath.

So, from all this its very clear that shea butter is one of the most healing and valuable natural moisturizers on the market today.  You can purchase shea butter that does not contain any additives easily, or can select from a wide variety lotions that contain shea butter, but our favorite way to use shea butter is with our Zen collection shea lotion sticks.  These super moisturizing sticks are made with shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil and are solid at room temperature, and so can be transported easily in a backpack or handbag without any fear of mess.  This way, you can utilize this wonderful moisturizing ingredient wherever you go.  These Zen collection shea lotion sticks come in a wide variety of scents, containing various healing, energizing or relaxing essential oil blends that are sure to make you smell amazing and to give you a boost whenever you use them.  If you are interested in seeing how well the many beneficial properties of shea butter will work for you, try out one of these lotion sticks.  You are sure to be thrilled with the results!
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