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Now In: The Joy of Baths
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The Joy of Baths

Baths are one of those things that has become stereotypically associated with relaxation, romance and self-care, along with chocolate, rose petals and champagne.  They also happen to be one of the most effective and sensible tools for self-healing that anyone who has access to a bathtub has at their fingertips.  Even taking a bath without adding any products or scented oils into it can be incredibly healing.  By immersing your body in hot water you release tension, remove toxins from the skin, and allow the joints and muscles to completely relax and heal.  And the best part about baths is that they are infinitely versatile!  There are hundreds of ways you can modify your bathing experience to heal, support and calm yourself in a soothing way, and it is easy to be creative and to discover new types of bath experiences.

One of the simplest way to transform a bath in to a healing and calming experience is to add essential oils or absolute oils to the hot water.  Since oil and water don't mix, the best way to disperse the oil in to your bath is to combine it with a substance that will bond with the oil.  Try putting three or four drops of your favorite absolute or essential oil in a few tablespoons of honey, and then melting this in to your bath.  Your skin will be soothed, calmed, and detoxified by the honey and you will receive all of the benefits of the oil you select.  Have a look at our Essential Oils and Absolute Oils articles to determine which oils will give you the healing effect you desire from your bath!

Another way to brighten up your bathing experience and give yourself the healing experience you desire is simply to add the plant that you want to work with to the hot water.  In Japan, this is a very common practice and ingredients such as fresh, sliced ginger, green tea, and yuzu (citrus fruit) are put directly into baths in order to pull out the essence of the plant.  Ginger baths are great for detoxifying and boosting the immune system.  Green tea baths purify and clarify the skin.  And adding a few whole citrus fruits in your bath strengthens the body and spirit!  There's an endless variety of options for bath additions, and you can explore putting whatever ingredients you like in to your bath to see what kind of healing you can create.

Finally, one of the best ways to enjoy a bath, and perhaps to return to the playfulness of childhood, is to take a bubble bath.  Bubble bath mixtures often contain many wonderful essential oils and moisturizing elements, and produce loads of luxurious bubbles that you can enjoy playing with as you get clean.  Be sure to select a bubble bath that is made of natural, non-synthetic ingredients, though.  Hot water opens your pores and makes your skin more absorbent, so whatever element you put in to your bath will be absorbed in to your skin.  Therefore, select a bubble bath made of natural, plant-based ingredients.  Our Zen Bubble Bath blends are made with jojoba oil, are full of vitamins, and are imbued with rosemary and other essential oils.  We carry a number of different blends so that you are sure to find the bubble bath that best meets your needs!

No matter what sort of bath you decide to create, you are sure to have a relaxing and healing experience!  Enjoy exploring new bath ideas and recipes, and have fun playing while you relax and care for your body and mind.  Whether you're feeling stressed, sad or just want something nice to do in your free time, taking a bath is one of the simplest ways to be kind to yourself without spending a lot of money.   
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