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Now In: Uses For Essential Oils
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Uses For Essential Oils

Essential oils are amazing tools because just one little bottle can be so versatile and so immanently useful.  Essential oils can be used for healing, for creating a beautiful scent in your environment, and even for cleaning your home!  However, different oils have different applications, based on the properties of the plants from which they come, and without instruction, it can initially be a little bit confusing to figure out how to use essential oils.  This article will discuss the various major uses of essential oils, and will then go over some specific uses for each of the essential oils that we carry, so that you can begin exploring right away.

Oil Burners

If you want to truly experience the amazing scent qualities of your essential oils, then an oil burner is your best bet.  Oil burners come in a wide variety of styles and materials, from pewter to soapstone and ceramic, and oftentimes are quite beautiful little art pieces all on their own.  To use an oil burner, put some water in to the cup on the top, and put a few drops of essential oil in to it.  Then, light a tea light, and place it in the bottom compartment.  The heat will gently diffuse the long lasting aroma of your chosen essential oil in to the room.  Oil burners are great for aromatherapy, because you can mix and match essential oils to create your own unique, healing scent.  Oil burners do not put out any smoke, and so you don't have to worry about soot or about inhaling anything harmful.  They allow for endless creativity in the scent you create, and are quite inexpensive over time.

Carrier Oils

Although some essential oils can be applied directly to the skin, others will cause a skin reaction, and for very sensitive people, any essential oil applied to the skin may cause irritation.  This is because essential oils are EXTREMELY concentrated plant essences.  We recommend only using essential oils directly on the skin at the recommendation of a licensed aromatherapist, who will ensure that you do not have a sensitivity to a particular oil.  However, essential oils can be applied to the skin when combined with a carrier oil.  Carrier oils are pure vegetable and nut oils which absorb easily in to the skin and are completely natural and non-toxic.  Generally, we recommend about 8 drops of essential oil to six teaspoons of carrier oil to ensure that the essential oil is dilute enough to apply to the skin.  These homemade massage oils can be used to help heal muscles, to apply at accupressure points, or even, in the case of carrier oils such as Jojoba, to condition the hair!  Again, there are endless numbers of combinations and uses of essential oil and carrier oil blends.

House Cleaning

Essential oils have a vast number of uses in the household, and usually you only need a drop or two to make your own natural cleaning solution.  When cleaning the floor, essential oils can be added to the soap and water to add a fresh scent.  Essential oils can also be added to the laundry or to dish water in order to have specific effects.  The numbers of uses for essential oils around the home are endless, and the more you explore the more surprised you will be as to the new uses you will discover!

Specific Essential Oils

So, now that you understand a few (just a very few) of the many uses of essential oils, you may be wondering what oils you should use for what purposes.  Not all essential oils can be used in the same way, so it is important to do a little research on any new essential oil you want to start working with.  Following are short descriptions of each of the essential oils we carry here at Spiritual Scents, and a few suggestions as to how to use them.  Keep in mind that these suggestions are really only the tip of the iceberg, and with just a little research, you are sure to find hundreds more!


Bay oil smells just like the bay leaves used for cooking.  It is very good for relieving stress and for grounding and clearing the mind.  Bay oil can be used in cooking in any recipe in which you would use bay leaves, but be sure to blend it with a carrier oil (olive, canola, or grapeseed - 3 drops per 1 ounce of oil) before using, as bay oil is extremely concentrated.  It blends well with other herbal oils such as rosemary and clary sage.


Bergamot is a wonderful, citrusy scent that helps to lift the mood and regenerate the mind.  Bergamot blends wonderfully with floral scents to create a calming and uplifting scent.  Bergamot is wonderful diffused in an oil burner, and its antiseptic properties will disinfect the air.  It also helps to encourage restful sleep and reduce stress in the winter.

White Camphor

White camphor is extremely healing for stiff and cramped muscles and is a great addition to massage oils.  Massage oil containing white camphor can also be applied to bruises, and a few drops of white camphor oil put in to a bath can help to relax and heal all of the muscles.  It can also be added to hot water to make a soak for towels to create healing hot compresses.  White camphor oil should never be applied to the skin directly, and must always be blended with a carrier oil.  The smell can be a little bit intense, so it is good to blend it with other essential oils, such as peppermint and rosemary, to create a more pleasant aroma.

Carrot Seed

Carrot seed oils has a very warm and earthy scent that is refreshing and stimulating.  It is wonderful for skin care, particularly for mature skin.  Carrot seed oil is very regenerative for the liver tissue, but please consult a licensed aromatherapist before using it internally.  To use it in skin care, combine three drops of carrot seed oil with eight ounces of unscented facial toner or moisturizer.


Cedarwood oil is antiseptic, anti-bacterial, stimulating for the skin and the circulatory system, calming and an aphrodisiac.  It can be combined with unscented skin lotions to treat dry skin and eczema.  Combined with a carrier oil, it can be used as a massage oil to treat arthritis or to relieve nervous tension.  Cedar has been used in ceremonies around the world for centuries, and creates a perfect holy space in order to do meditative or spiritual practice in.


Chamomile oil is extremely soothing and helps to ease tension and stress.  It encourages restful sleep and relaxation, and is very helpful in cases of nervous, agitated babies and children.  It is also very helpful when diffused in the air for the treatment of menstrual and menopausal troubles.  Chamomile oil can be combined with skin care products in order to calm dry and irritated skin, and other dry skin problems.

Cinnamon Leaf

Cinnamon leaf oil boosts brain activity, removes blood impurity and improves circulation, and has powerful antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties.  Therefore, diffusing it in to the air will help to disinfect your space.  Cinnamon oil is also wonderful for sore and tense muscles and can be used as part of a massage oil.

Clary Sage

Clary sage oil contains a hormone-like compound that is similar to oestrogen and that helps to regulate hormonal balance and to bring calmness and confidence.  It has a very uplifting effect on the mind and inspires the mind and spirit.  It also can help to enhance creative work.  Combine with pine, cedar, and rosemary oils for a beautiful, uplifting and meditative effect.  Put a few drops of clary sage oil in to a bath to help relieve depression and improve overall well-being.

Clove Bud

Clove oil has been used for hundreds of years as a topical antiseptic and numbing agent.  In particular, it has been used to numb and disinfect during dental care.  Clove oil is powerfully antiseptic, and can be used in cleaning.  Add a few drops to a dish towel and put it in to your dryer with your wash to kill mildew and add a pleasant scent to your laundry!  It is often taken internally in very small doses, but please consult a doctor or licensed aromatherapist before trying this.


Cypress oil has a profound ability to help one cope with the changes that come after transformational experiences.  It has a very strong purifying effect.  and allows one to accept inevitable change and to let go of the past.  It can help us to learn from our experiences and grow from them.  It is very soothing if you are angry and stressed out, and is an antispasmodic, meaning it can help in cases of asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis and so forth.  Try adding a few drops to a little bit of essential oil and rubbing it in to the chest to help with these conditions. Cypress oil is also a wonderful addition to massage oils for the treatment of sore muscles!


Eucalyptus is similar to white camphor oil in its qualities.  It is very helpful for respiratory troubles and sore muscles.  Diffuse a small amount of eucalyptus oil and inhale the vapors to clear up coughs, sneezing, hay fever, and other respiratory troubles.  You can also mix it with a carrier oil and apply directly to the chest to help with coughs.  This blended oil can also be used to repel mosquitoes!  Just apply a few drops to the wrists, temples, and backs of the knees to keep the bugs away.


Fir oil is very strengthening and reviving, and helps to revive tired muscles when combined with cedar, eucalyptus, and other such oils in a massage oil.  To make a room freshening spray, combine ten drops of fir oil with two ounces of distilled water and put in to a spray bottle.  A few spritzes should remove any unpleasant smells.  Fir oil can also be combined with honey and put in to a bath to help relax tense and injured muscles.


Frankincense oil is very calming and centering, and is the perfect oil to diffuse when you want to create a space for meditation.  Frankincense oil slows the breathing and controls tension.  It has been used for thousands of years to treat every conceivable condition.  Frankincense oil contains an active compound that has been found to have anti-arthritic properties that inhibit inflammation and improve blood supply.  A diffuser can be used to disperse the aroma through the space to calm anxieties and relieve depression.  Frankincense can also be added to a carrier oil to heal sore muscles and to assist with arthritis.


Geranium oil has a beautiful, fresh and floral scent that relaxes and helps to stabilize the emotions.  It is extremely useful when experiencing mood swings because of PMS.  It is wonderful for chronic and acute anxiety.  Geranium oil is also very beneficial for dry, oily, or otherwise imbalanced skin.  Try mixing a few drops with half a cup of distilled water to make a balancing skin toner.  Mix with a carrier oil and massage in to skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite!


Ginger is very strengthening and produces a lot of heat.  It is wonderful for sore muscles and nausea.  Blend with a citrus oil to create a warming, uplifting scent to help strengthen the body in winter.  Ginger oil is very helpful in massage oils combined with elements such as cinnamon and clove oil to sooth sore muscles and to relieve muscular tension.


Grapefruit oil has a fresh, light citrus scent that helps to lift the spirits.  It has a very toning effect on the skin and on muscular tissue.  Grapefruit essential oil is wonderful when added to soap and water solutions in cleaning, as it is antiseptic in nature and also produces a very clean, pleasant scent.  A drop can also be added to dish washing water to help clean and sanitize dishes.


Hyssop has been used to purify and consecrate churches and holy places for centuries.  It helps with fatigue and anxiety and can be diffused in the air to help with respiratory problems, colds and bronchitis.


Jasmine oil is beautiful for use in scenting rooms with a warm, floral scent.  It is very moisturizing when added to unscented lotions.  Diluted with a carrier oil, it can be used as a fragrance and an aphrodisiac.  It is very uplifting and a powerful antidepressant.

Juniper Berry

Juniper Berry oil has strong antiseptic and detoxifying properties.  It cleanses the mind and the spirit and calms the emotions.  It is also said to strengthen the immune system.  It can be diffused and the steam inhaled to help with respiratory troubles.  It can also be added to a load of laundry in the drier to kill mildew and add a pleasant scent.


Lavender is probably the most versatile essential oil, with hundred of uses!  It balances the body and mind, uplifts the spirits, and calms the mind and body.  Try adding a drop of lavender oil to your pillow before going to sleep to promote an excellent rest!


Lemon oil is incredibly versatile and can be used in all sorts of household cleaning projects.  It is a powerful antiseptic and can be used to purify the air and to relieve headaches.  Add a few drops of lemon oil to water in a spray bottle and use to sterilize tables, counter tops and other surfaces.  Lemon essential oil can even be used as a mouthwash by adding a few drops to four ounces of water.  This is great for killing germs and neutralizing bad breath!


Lemongrass oil is refreshing and stimulating.  It is great when diffused as a refreshing and deodorizing room fragrance.  It makes a great room spray to invigorate and inspire, and is very useful when blended with unscented skin lotion to calm and revitalize while toning the skin.


Marjoram oil is warming and soothing, helping to relieve cold symptoms, muscle pains, and stress. It is warm, woody and spicy.  Try combining a few drops of marjoram (and perhaps some geranium oil) with a carrier and massage on to the abdomen during menstruation to relieve cramps.  It is also very calming when added to a hot bath!


Mugwort has been used for centuries as a charm against evil and danger.  It can be used as a pillow spray in order to promote vivid dreams and good sleep.  Mugwort is also very balancing for the hormones when diffused in the air.  However, due to toxic levels of thujone, be careful to only use mugwort in very limited amounts.


Myrrh has a smoky, rich scent as is very soothing and meditative.  It has a long history of use as an incense along with frankincense.  Combine with a carrier oil and apply to the temples and the center of the forehead for spiritual awakening.


Nutmeg oil has a rich, woody scent and is very calming.  It can be very useful in increasing circulation when blended in to a massage oil.  Please be very careful if considering consuming nutmeg oil internally, as it can be toxic at too high a dose.

Orange (Bitter)

Bitter orange oil has a bitter citrusy aroma, kind of like a cross between sweet orange and grapefruit.  It is very helpful in the treatment of colds and digestive trouble.  Bitter orange oil can be used as other citrus oils, and has the added effect of being very unpleasant to the taste.  Try blending a little bitter orange oil with water and spraying it on to items that you do not want your pets to chew on.  Once they taste the bitter orange, they will never want to chew on that particular item again!

Orange (Sweet)

Sweet orange oil is sunny and radiant, bringing warmth and happiness.  It helps one to relax and helps children sleep at night.  Orange oil is amazing in strengthening the immune system and for eliminating toxins from the body.  In order to boost the immune system and ease nervous tension, try adding a few drops of orange oil to a bath!


Patchouli oil has an exotic, earthy scent that is very grounding and uplifting.  It is great to use in the morning to bring energy, but can prevent sleep when used at night, as it is a nerve stimulant.  Patchouli oil can be added to jojoba oil and used as a moisturizing treatment for hair - just put in to hair about a half an hour before taking a shower to help with dandruff and oily hair.


Peppermint oil is very helpful for mental exhaustion and depression.  It can really help with headaches and anxiety, and the vapors from diffusing this oil can be used to help with sinus troubles and coughs.  It can also relieve toothaches.  Peppermint oil can also be used to dispel any smell you find to be unpleasant.  If you are painting, try mixing half of a small bottle in to the gallon of pain to dispel paint fumes.  You can even use peppermint oil to remove a tick!  Just apply a drop to the tick and it will unlatch itself immediately!

Rose Absolute

Rose oil has a sweet scent that produces well being and happiness.  It is very calming for the skin and is great when mixed in to unscented skin lotions.  Rose oil can be used as a fragrance.  Try placing two drops of rose oil on to a wash cloth during a shower and rubbing it over the skin, avoiding sensitive areas.  This will relieve stress, and you'll smell great!


Rosemary oil improves confidence and creativity, and helps to balance the mind and body.  It is good for mental exhaustion and is very stimulating.  Try diffusing it in the air when you are trying to study for a big exam!  Rosemary oil is stimulating for the hair follicles, allowing the hair to grow longer and stronger, so try adding it to a jojoba hair treatment for beautiful, dandruff free hair!


Rosewood has a woody and floral fragrance that is balancing and calming.  It is great as an anti-depressant and helps with headaches!  Rosewood oil also can help to sort out dull, dry and oily skin while promoting rejuvenation, so it is a perfect addition to an unscented skin lotion.


Sage oil is a potent purifier and detoxifier.  Just as bundles of sage are used to cleanse homes of negative energy, sage oil can be diffused for a spiritually cleansing effect.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil has a spicy, powerful scent.  It is an amazing immune stimulant and helps the body to fight infection.  Tea tree oil is perhaps best known for its usefulness in clearing up the skin from acne.  Try adding a few drops to distilled water to making a toning spray that will be very beneficial for oily skin.


Thyme essential oil is a great pulmonary disinfectant that can help with coughs, colds and sore throats when the vapor is inhaled.  Taking a bath with a little bit of thyme oil in it can help to relieve insomnia!

Valerian Root

Valerian root has a musky, woody odor that is well known for its use in treating insomnia.  If you are having a difficult time sleeping, try applying a few drops to your pillow before going to sleep.


Vetiver is a relaxing and soothing oil with a deep earthy and smokey aroma.  It makes an amazing fragrance when combined with scents such as jasmine and vanilla.  Vetiver can be used in a massage oil to help with dry, irritated skin and to balance the hormonal system.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang has a deeply sensual, floral scent and is a potent aphrodisiac.  Try blending in to a carrier oil to create a sensuous massage oil that will help to spice things up in your love life!

This list is in no way a comprehensive discussion of the uses of these essential oils.  Each one of these oils has a wide variety of uses and the more you work with them, the more you will discover.  Hopefully, this list will help you to understand the basic properties of each essential oil and will guide you towards the ones that will suit your particular needs!
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