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Soy Wax Candles

By this point, it's hard to imagine a world without the soybean. As versatile a legume as you're likely to encounter, it has found its way into a wide array of dietary roles, both for its own characteristics and for its ability to mimic the texture and sometimes even the taste of certain meats. There are almost certainly some health-conscious vegetarians out there who would regress to meat-eating were it not for soy-burgers and other protein heavy soy meat substitutes.

But the versatility of soy beans is not limited strictly to food.  Increasingly, creative minds are also finding more and more non-food applications for the soy plant. Chief among these is soy candle wax, which acts as a non-petroleum alternative to traditional candle wax, thereby eschewing the prevailing (and troubling) addiction to petroleum based oil products that has become so damaging to the environment.

The first step in producing soy candle wax is making soybean oil, a process that involves cracking open the beans, adjusting for moisture content, and rolling the cracked beans into flakes. Next, solvent is extracted by using commercial hexane. The oil is then refined and blended specifically for the purpose of making soy candle wax. And, lest you worry about the wasted parts of the soybean plant, know that the husks make for perfect animal feed.

The first soy waxes for candles were created by inventor Michael Richards in 1993, when he was looking for a cheaper alternative to beeswax, which, due to the work involved in its harvesting, can become very expensive very quickly. In the candle-making industry, which is tied to deep, historic roots, soy candle wax became the first significant candle related innovation for over a hundred years.  So, once again the incredible versatility of the soybean was demonstrated for all to see!

There is actually no soy wax that is 100% natural, since there is processing along the way that typically introduces non-plant material.  This most often occurs when fragrance oils are used instead of essential oils for scenting the candle. Soy wax is a true single pour wax, and is designed to adhere to the side of jars.  This type of wax holds and distributes color well, giving a lovely, uniform appearance to soy candles.

Soy wax also holds an average amount of fragrance oil, so richly-scented candles are definitely a possibility with this type of wax.  Fragrance oil retention of 6% is typical, and higher amounts can achieved with the use of certain additives, but many of these additions can take away from the natural qualities of the candle.  Soy wax candles also give off more fragrance than petroleum based candles - soybean wax has a lower melting point, meaning that there is a larger liquid wax pool that forms around the wick of the candle when you burn it.  This leads to more surface area of melted wax from which essential oils can disperse easily into the air!

One of the positive benefits of this type of candle, is the fact that soy wax burns quite cleanly, especially in relation to the petroleum-based products that are rampant in the candle industry.  Typically, the wicks on soy wax candles are all made of cotton, which also adds to the candles natural appeal, while providing a very clean burn.  Paraffin wax candles can also produce soot, which can create a smudgy coating on walls and furniture if the candle is burned in close proximity, and can also enter your lungs when you breath.  Soy wax candles produce 90% less soot when burned, so they are much cleaner and more health friendly in general!

Another positive aspect of candles made with soy wax is that they burn much longer than petroleum based candles.  Soy wax candles can actually burn up to 50% longer than petroleum candles!  Soy wax is also much easier to clean up if you accidentally spill some on a surface or on clothing - all you need is soap and water.  If you have ever tried to get petroleum based candle wax off of your clothing or your floor, you know how much more complicated and difficult a process that is!

Finally, candles made with soy wax are some of the nicest and most luxurious on the market today.  You can now find candles that are imbued with a wide range of totally natural essential oils and plant essences and which give off absolutely amazing scents to completely alter the atmosphere of a room and provide a long lasting ambiance shift of your choice!

Soy candle wax is still difficult to come by in wholesale, but it's quickly gaining in popularity.  It appeals to a wide audience, and although candles made from this type of wax can be more expensive, knowing that you're burning an all-natural, completely plant-based candle is more than worth the few extra pennies.

We carry only the finest soy candles that are available.  Our Bennington candles come in  portable tins that are perfect for candlelit evenings, baths, and can even travel with you cleanly and effortlessly.  The tins themselves are attractive, and these candles burn safely within their own portable container, offering many hours of scented enjoyment.  Our Luxury Soy Candles come in attractive glass jars and are 100% Pure EcoSoya Wax with 100% cotton wicks.  They burn for over 60 hours and have more essential oil per candle than any other candle you can purchase at this time!  We have an incredible variety, so that you can create any type of ambiance or healing effect that you desire!  Try one today!
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