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Tibetan Incense

Tibetan incense has been an essential aspect of the spiritual practices of Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan for thousands of years, and is a key representation of the Tibetan culture.  It is used to purify the spiritual space and cleanse the minds of practitioners and as a form of medicine.  Authentic Tibetan incense originates from either traditional monasteries or from medical formulations.  The formulas for truly authentic Tibetan incenses can be traced back all the way to their originator, sometimes as far back as several thousands of years!

Since the sense of smell is connected directly to the brain, the subtle aromas of Tibetan incenses are said to calm and control the mind, which allows the body to relax and learn how to heal itself.  Tibetan incense is made of the natural oils of flowers, leaves, and fruits, as well as resins, roots, spices and herbs that are native to the Himalayan mountains.  These components are blended to make thick sticks or ropes that vary in length depending on the formula.  Although Tibetan incense does have an exotic scent that many people find calming, the main target of burning such incense has never been to create a pleasant smell.  Instead, different forms of incense are used either for medicinal purposes or to cleanse the living space, eliminate negative energies, cast off evil spirits, and for offerings as part of rituals.

Tibetan incense generally has a very deep, earthy and complicated scent.  This is because it is usually composed of over thirty ingredients, sometimes up to as many as 108.  Tibetan incense rarely provides the deep sweetness that is found in many Indian incenses.  This is perhaps because earthy scents give energy and warmth in cold climates, making them much more suitable for the cold climate of the Himalayan mountains.  This is also a result of the plants which are available for incense making in each country.  In many parts of India, fragrant, sweet scented tropical flowers add a seductive tone to many incenses, while in the mountains of Tibet and Nepal, herbs, resins and woods are much more common, providing the characteristic grounding, earthy scent found in Tibetan incense.

All of the Tibetan incenses we carry here at Spiritual Scents are hand made according to ancient formulas and are ideal for purifying your space and for creating a calming environment for spiritual and meditative work and healing.  If you are feeling stressed, imbalanced or unhappy, and want to create a peaceful and calming home environment, Tibetan incense may be the medicine that you are looking for.  Please keep in mind that this incense generally has a very strong earthy and spicy scent, which may be overwhelming for people who are sensitive to vibrant smells.  However, if you have never tried Tibetan incense before, we encourage you to select one that speaks to you and see how you like it.  You may be amazed at just how healing a single stick of incense can be!
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