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Now In: Choosing A Massage Oil
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Choosing A Massage Oil

Massage oil is not a completely necessary part of a massage experience, but it can make it much easier to give a massage, and much more pleasurable to receive one.  Massage oils allow the hands to sink deeper in to the muscles of the patient and to glide easily over the skin.  You will find massage oils particularly useful if you want to give your partner a massage, but have no particular experience in actually giving massages.  Massage oil can help you to more clearly feel the muscles and so can help you to learn to give a massage if you have never done so before.  They also provide a great deal of benefit to the skin, moisturizing and allowing the beneficial effects of whatever oil blend you choose to soak in to the skin.

Massage oils can be as simple as a single plant oil or as complicated as a blend of many plant oils scented with various essential oils.  Since there are so many different types of massage oil to choose from, it is important to select the right one for the type of massage you want to give.  The two most important things to consider are the type of base oil that is used and what essential oils, if any, have been included.  Try to select a massage oil with a plant or nut oil base that is easily absorbed in to the skin, such as sweet almond oil or coconut oil.  Thicker oils, such as avocado oil, or highly scented oils, such as olive oil, are not ideal for massage as they will leave a greasy residue or a lingering scent that may not be desirable.

Select a scent for your massage oil that is appropriate to the type of effect you would like to have on the recipient.  For example, if you are looking to create a sensual massage experience, you may want to try out some of the Kama Sutra line of oils.  These massage oils are infused with essential oils that are guaranteed to bring warmth and passion, such as Jasmine, and are also infused with Vitamin E oil which promotes healthy skin.  Kama Sutra also makes an amazing product they call Oils of Love, which are light, silky edible oils that provide a tingling warmth to the skin and smell absolutely amazing.  If you really want to spice up your time with your partner with a sensual massage, Kama Sutra massage oils are definitely the way to go!

If you are looking to create a more healing and therapeutic massage experience for a partner or friend, you may want to try out our amazing Natrinia massage oils.  These oils are blends of the most amazing, healing base oils, each formulated to suit a specific purpose - for example, their Refresh oil blend is a combination of Jojoba, Macademi Hazel, and Coconut Oil to heal and invigorate skin.  They also contain combinations of essential oils which are perfectly suited to meet specific healing purposes.  Their Sanctuary oil uses clary sage, cypress, lavender, frankincense and others to sooth the spirits and balance the body and mind, while the Refresh oil mentioned above utilizes ginger, peppermint, lemon and rosemary oils, among others, to lift the spirits and clear out negative energies.  Whether you want to sooth and relax your massage recipient or cleanse and uplift them, Natrinia is sure to have an amazing oil blend that will suit just your purpose.

Of course, if you are very serious about massage and the use of massage oils, you can always make your own massage oil by combining a base oil with various essential oils.  Unless you are planning to give a lot of massages, it is generally more economical to purchase a pre-blended massage oil, as the individual ingredients will generally cost more at first than the already blended oil.  However, if you simply want to utilize the healing powers of one or two essential and carrier oils, or if you simply can't find a massage oil that does exactly what you need it to, then making your own massage oil may be just what you need.   Our articles on Carrier Oils and Essential Oils contain more information on this if you would like to try this enjoyable and creative process yourself!

Massage is a very healing and uplifting process, whether you are giving or receiving one, and massage oil can not only provide additional sensuality and healing to your experience, it can also allow you to benefit from the many healing properties available in various carrier and essential oils.  No matter what sort of massage oil you choose, you are sure to enjoy working with these amazing tools and discovering just how effective they can be!
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