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Candle Holders

Candle holders are as important to the use of candles as ash catchers are to the use of incense.  They both ensure safety and prevent the spilling of hot wax on to surfaces in your home.  Different types of candles require different types of holders, but no matter what sort of candle you choose, you should absolutely never go without a candle holder.  A candle holder can be as simple as a ceramic or glass plate placed under a pillar candle, or as ornate as a beautiful carved pyramid burner that allows light to flicker out through various holes carved in soapstone.  The variety of candle holders is vast, and many of them are very beautiful, so you are sure to find just the piece to suit your candles and your home!

The following will discuss various types of candles, and a few of the types of holders that can be purchased to burn them.  Be very sure to purchase the appropriate candle holder when buying candles in order to ensure safety and neatness!

Taper Candles

Taper candles, or dinner candles are tall, thin candles that require very specific holders.  They do not stand up on their own, and therefore must be placed in a candlestick, which is usually a thin, decorative pillar with a hole carved in to the top to fit the candle.  In the past, candle makers made candlesticks and sold them along with their products, but with the size of the current candle market, people nowadays often find themselves trying to fit the wrong sized candle into their candlestick.  If your taper candle is too large to fit in to the socket it can be trimmed down to fit with a knife.  If it is too small, aluminum foil can be used to support it.

In the past, multiple taper candles were also sometimes placed in chandeliers, which hung from the ceiling, providing large amounts of light before electricity.  This is rarely done anymore due to safety concerns and the relative ease of using electric chandeliers instead, but small versions of traditional chandeliers may still be found and can provide an elegant atmosphere to any room.

Votive Candles

Votive candles require holders that will keep them upright and will contain any hot wax that may melt from the candle.  The simplest type of votive candle holder is a small glass cylindrical container that fits the votive. Votive candles can also be placed on ceramic or glass dish holders, although this option may not be ideal, as the wax from the votive may end up overflowing from the plate if left unattended.  Votive candles can also occasionally be substituted for tea lights in certain holders, but be sure that the votive fits properly in the holder and that the flame is nowhere near any flammable surfaces.

Tea Lights

There are a wide variety of candle holders that are made for tea lights, ranging from simple single candle holders to elaborate multi-candle stands and wall sconces.  Tea lights burn more quickly than votive candles, but since they come in their own small containers, they make less of a mess and are easier to clean up after.  They are also fairly easy to look after, and so can be burned in oil burners and even paper lamp candle holders, which release a warm, natural glow.  One of the most beautiful types of candle holders for tea light candles is the carved soapstone burner, which features various images carved in to a soapstone pyramid cover that is placed over the tea light and the holder base.  The light of the tea light shines out from these carvings, reflecting beautiful shapes on to the walls.

Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are probably the easiest candles to burn and manage, and a wide variety of holders are available for them.  Any fireproof plate or disk is an appropriate holder for a pillar candle.  There are also many steel and ceramic pillars available, many of which have pins in the center to hold the pillar in place.  As long as the candle holder you select is stable and fireproof, you should have no trouble at all when burning your pillar candles.
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