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Natural Spa Products

The past two decades has seen an explosion in international demand for natural goods of all sorts, including natural spa products. As part of a growing trend away from unnecessary and damaging synthetic chemicals, consumers in the United States and abroad are demanding more and more frequently that companies offer a natural option, and many people are choosing to "go natural" all together!

The results of this trend can be seen in products ranging from potato chips (in which high-fat synthetic cooking oils are being replaced with healthier canola and olive oils) to gift candles (where soy wax and beeswax have begun to replace traditional petroleum wax). And in what realm of product is naturalness more important than the soaps and lotions we rub onto and into our skin?

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is constantly absorbing those things that touch it and even elements in the air around the body.  On the one hand, this means that if you have a lot of synthetic chemicals in your bath products, you will be absorbing those things through your skin.  However, on the upside of this, if you choose to put natural, healing products onto your skin, those things will be absorbed and will help to support your whole body system.  So, when it comes to bath products, as with food, we are lucky enough in the present day to be able to select products that help and heal us, even during those few moments a day when we are in the shower or applying lotions!

Credit for the recent trend toward natural spa products in the modern market must be at least somewhat attributed to Anita Roddick, who was deeply inspired after visiting a natural body care shop on Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue. The couple who ran the store, sold lotions, shampoos, and body creams, and cared deeply about environmental issues.  They brought this care and sensitivity to the human body and the natural world in to their products. Roddick then took their idea to her home in Brighton, England, where she opened what would become the a massive international phenomenon of natural spa products, known as "The Body Shop."

That said, the real heroes of today's natural spa product market are smaller companies who are constantly striving to produce healthier and safer products that are as good to your skin as they are to the earth.  We offer a wide variety of natural, unique products that are good for both your spiritual and physical bodies.  As an example, we offer a wide variety of Primal Elements soaps.  These soaps are made from vegetable glycerin, which is incredibly moisturizing for the skin and does not leave any gritty soap residue on the skin.  These soaps are also scented with beautiful essential oils which will clear your mind and balance your skin!

You also may want to try our wonderful Natrinia body lotions, shower gels, and massage oils.  These beautiful products are made from all-organic, non-synthetic formulas that are rich in shea butter and natural emollients.  They are safe and healthy for the skin, and you will be sure that whether you are moisturizing your own skin or treating a loved one to a relaxing and healing massage, the elements that you will be absorbing into your body will be purely positive!

Finally, you might want to give our line of Zen spa products a try.  The Zen Collection is a family-owned, woman-run business that produces body washes and lotions that are formulated with organic infusions of lavender, echinacea, green tea and chamomile to balance, calm, and detoxify your body and mind.  These products are also packed full of jojoba oil, aloe vera, sea kelp extract, grape seed oil, and so many other amazing, natural gifts of nature that will moisturize, heal, and bring life and energy to your skin and all of the rest of you as well! Try adding some of these beautiful products to your shower or bath experience and discover how easy it is to lift your mood in just a few seconds!

So, no matter what sort of natural spa products you are looking to experience, Spiritual Scents has a wide range of options for you to explore.  Just as we are now starting to realize how important it is to put good, natural and healthy things in to our bodies when we eat and drink, we need to start paying attention to the products that we allow to absorb in to our skin on a regular basis.  Your skin and your body deserve to be taken care of in a conscious and careful way.  So enjoy finding the right natural spa products for you, and enjoy treating yourself the way that you deserve!  You are sure to notice a change in how you feel almost immediately!
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