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Medicinal Teas

Herbal teas have been used for thousands of years as a form of healing and medicine.  A tea can be as simple as a single ingredient soaked in hot water or as complicated as a variety of different herbs specifically blended to produce a particular effect.  Herbal tea has been consumed for at least as long as written history extends, and we have documents from both Ancient Egypt and Ancient China that discuss their multiple medicinal uses.

The reason that tea is so internationally valued as a vehicle for medicinal herbs is that it is perhaps the simplest way of getting all of the beneficial alkaloids in a plant in to the system.  When an herb is steeped in boiling water, plant leaves, seeds, roots, and flowers will release their essential oils, alkaloids, and other compounds, and the resulting beverage can then be easily consumed.  This method is often a lot more palatable and easy on the digestive system than consuming straight plant extracts.

While medicinal teas made from just one or two healing plants can sometimes have an unpleasant flavor, the booming herbal tea market provides consumers with an incredible variety of different beneficial teas that taste amazing and are great for the body.  Herbal tea blends usually contain a number of very beneficial herbs, and also include a few natural ingredients that provide a pleasant taste, such as hibiscus and licorice.  This makes for a palatable and relaxing beverage that still provides all of the benefits that nature has to offer.

The variety of herbal tea blends available on the market today is almost unbelievable.  Here at Spiritual Scents we have a partnership with the Peruvian Cooperative, which brings us high quality, fair trade products direct from Peru, the purchase of which supports the farmers and producers of these products and which allows them to build a better life.  These Peruvian herbal teas are absolutely amazing, and combine familiar herbs with a wide variety of Peruvian medicinal plants that would be difficult to find anywhere else.  They have teas that open up the respiratory system, teas that ease cold symptoms and sore throats, teas to assist the digestive system, energizing teas, relaxing teas, and teas to help with insomnia.  They even have a blend that can help you to lose body fat while preventing excess water retention!

So, whether you are suffering from a condition that is mildly uncomfortable, or are dealing with a more serious condition and would like an herbal addition to the care that you are receiving from a medical professional, there is a Peruvian Tea blend that can help you.  These blends are extremely effective and healing, although it is important to keep in mind that they have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to prevent, diagnose or cure any medical condition or disease.  If you are experiencing serious troubles, you should always go to a doctor first before turning to herbal remedies.  However,  these teas can definitely help with mild discomfort, and can also be a very healing supplement to any professional medical treatment you are receiving.

Ancient medicinal teas have also often been used for the purpose of healing and empowering the mind.  As an example, the Balinese Blend from Tempting teas is an ancient recipe containing lotus petals, galangal root, wild basil, torch ginger, and others.  This tea was used by the ancient Egyptians, and the powerful plants it contains are not only healing for the body, but help to calm and empower the mind for purposes of meditation, study, or relaxation.  The Mood Blend is an ancient Scottish recipe that was used both as a smoking blend and a tea to relieve the body of exhaustion and to open the mind to the heavens.  It can be used to balance the body and mind, and to enhance spiritual work.

Once you learn a little more about herbal tea blends, it is even possible to create your own using the herbs you know to be effective in healing your body and mind.  And if you prefer to purchase pre-made blends, there are an incredible variety of effective and natural teas available that will bring strength and healing more quickly than you would expect!  If you are looking to strengthen your mind and body in a healing, traditional and naturally safe way, medicinal herbal teas may be just the tool you need!
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