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Energizing Teas

Here in America, the most popular energizing beverage, over all others, is still coffee.  And why not?  Coffee tastes great, it has lots of caffeine in it and provides a strong energizing boost, and there are thousands of varieties available, from dark and bitter to sweet and sugary.  Coffee is also a very medicinal beverage in many ways.  However, more and more, doctors are advising people to cut down on their coffee consumption for a number of reasons.  Coffee can cause damage to the stomach and intestines, can raise blood pressure in individuals who already have high blood pressure, and can also cause anxiety, irritability, and insomnia.  It can also be quite addictive, resulting in unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when one tries to stop drinking it.

Although coffee is safe for most people to drink, it is not ideal for everyone.  People with certain health conditions may be advised not to drink coffee.  Some people may not like the jittery feeling they get from coffee.  And some people simply don't enjoy the bitter taste.  However, there are times in every person's life when they need an energy boost and want a quick way to get some caffeine.  Fortunately, these days there are a wide variety of alternative options for energy boosting beverages that taste good and are good for you as well!

One of the most popular forms of energy drinks newly available on the Western market is Yerba Mate.  The bush from which the tea comes from, Ilex paraguariensis, is a species of holly that hails from South America.  The tea is made by steeping the leaves in hot water, traditionally in a hollowed gourd.  The tea is then consumed through a metal straw.  It is important to use hot, not boiling, water to make yerba mate as boiling water will make a bitter flavor come forth from the leaves.  Yerba mate contains high quantities of caffeine, as well as essential minerals.  It is also very helpful for weight lose, and helps to lower cholesterol.

Yerba Mate can be a little bitter on its own, but tastes great with a little honey or agave nectar.  There are also a wide variety of different flavored Mates available, which include all sorts of beneficial spices and fruits.  Here at Spiritual Scents we offer a variety of delicious flavored Yerba Mate teas as well as Yerba Mate from Brazil and Argentina, all of which are grown in ecologically sound and sustainable manners.  Yerba mate is amazingly energizing and very tasty, and makes an amazing alternative to coffee!

Another effective way of replacing coffee in your diet and to improve your health is through tea blends made of various natural ingredients that boost energy and support health.  Many of these tea blends also taste amazing and can be consumed regularly with no negative effects.  Here at Spiritual Scents we offer a variety of Tempting Teas Chai Tea Blends that are both energizing and great for you!  Ingredients that are included in these blends include ginger, which boosts energy and stimulates the endocrine gland, Guarana, which is great for boosting energy and for assisting with weight loss, green tea, and other energy boosting spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and pepper.

Tempting Teas offers a wide variety of different blends, so you are sure to find just what you need!  Some of their teas even contain calming ingredients such as blue lotus petals and passion flower petals, but still have just enough green tea to keep you alert, while allowing you relax and enter a calm mental state.  If you don't want or need quite as much caffeine in your your diet, but still want a little energy boost, these delicious teas are for you!  They're completely natural, and not only that, but each blend contains a variety of herbs that are extremely good for the body!  If you are looking to support your physical and mental self while still remaining alert, these amazing teas are the way to go!

The energizing teas that we offer here at Spiritual Scents are just a small fraction of the natural coffee alternatives available on the market today.  So, if you have been instructed by a doctor to cut coffee out of your diet or are simply planning to do so for your own well-being, don't despair!  There are plenty of tasty and effective hot beverages available that can boost energy while supporting your whole body at the same time!

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