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We've carefully chosen pure scents specifically conducive to enhance and enrich the meditative experience, whether it's light meditation, or deep states of exploration in alternate realities. We also offer these items as close to wholesale as possible, so as many people as possible can enjoy the rich scents and countless benefits for themselves.  The Goddess and Zodiac Pillars come with pewter pendants and make great gifts.

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With SAME DAY SHIPPING of HIGH QUALITY products made to EXACTING STANDARDS, we guarantee our service is better and our prices are lower than anyone else, period.

Candles: Are They Dangerous?

There are several types of candles available commercially these days, and yes, there is most definitely a HUGE difference between them.  Rarely does the phrase; "You get what you pay for" apply more poignantly than it does with candles.  Cheap candles that are mass produced, are most-often petroleum-based products, which, yes, the same thing that runs the engine on your car. Because of this, we have taken great care and have gone to great lengths to ensure that the candles we offer at the shop are not only candles that have natural bases such as soy wax, essential oils, and beeswax for their manufacture, we find companies that care about the environment as well.

Candles shouldn't create a black soot when burning; they should burn cleanly, leave no residue, and last for more hours than you expect.  Soy candles are amazing for this purpose, and although they are a little more expensive than traditional candles, the rewards greatly outweigh the cost..
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