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Incense Cones

This page is a concise listing of all of our incense cones. Cones are getting more and more difficult to find because incense sticks are by far the most popular type of incense that is burned. Enjoy, and if there's a brand of incense you wished we carried (besides that bulk cheap stuff available everywhere), please us know, and we will do our best carry that brand for you.
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With SAME DAY SHIPPING of HIGH QUALITY products made to EXACTING STANDARDS, we guarantee our service is better and our prices are lower than anyone else, period.

Incense Cones: Why So UN-popular?

We often get asked about why we feel that incense cones are so much less popular than sticks, especially when incense cones seem so much more compact, and they don't have that inevitable "punk" (the piece of wood or bamboo that the incense bonds to, or the "stick" part of the stick incense. To be honest, we don't really know why. We asked one of the worldwide leaders in incense-making; Gonesh, ad this was their response: "We think that people like the look of incense sticks; they tall, and they do burn for a longer period of of time than a cone. Cones provide a more intense scent for a shorter period of time, but sticks provide a gentler scent that we think people prefer more."

Whatever the exact reason, we offer every variety of cone we could find, and highly recommend the Ashleigh & Burwood cone tins found above. Paine's incense could technicaly be called cones, even though they are short, stubby cylinders, and can be found HERE.
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