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Carrier Oils

Carrier Oil - Grape Seed (8oz)
Expeller pressed Grapeseed Oil is very light and delicate. This pale green carrier oil has a fine texture and is almost odorless, light in texture, and is easily absorbed by the skin, which makes it a favorite of massage therapists. It is a known anti-oxidant, protecting skin cells while it moisturizes and tones. If you are concerned about nut allergies Grapeseed is the best choice, and it can be used as 100% of your base oil.

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8 Ounces - $6.99

Carrier Oil - Sweet Almond (8oz)
Not sure where to start with carrier oils? We recommend Sweet Almond Oil, which is obtained from the dried kernels of the almond tree. Soft, neutral, and soothing, Sweet Almond Oil is one of the most popular carrier oils. It is non-greasy, spreads easily, and is great for nourishing the skin. It is loaded with vitamins including A, B and E. Sweet almond oil works wonderfully for all types of skin, acts as an excellent emollient (softening and soothing to the skin), and also helps the skin to balance loss and absorption of moisture.

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8 Ounces - $7.99

Our Avocado Refined Oil is extracted from the fleshy pulp of the avocado, which is cold pressed and then refined to leave a pale and odorless oil. Like the fruit it’s derived from, avocado oil is high in essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins, which makes it an emollient and highly penetrating oil. After refining, avocado oil is a beautiful, clear, and golden oil. The content of Vitamins A and E promote natural collagen production and work in synergy to improve the skin’s tone and texture. Avocado Carrier Oil also contains Vitamins B1, B2, D, and Beta carotene. 

You can use this oil as 100% of your carrier oil but we suggest that you use between 10-50% at most. Small amounts (5-10%) of Avocado Oil may be added to other carrier oils in order to enrich protein and vitamin content.

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8 Ounces - $9.99

Carrier Oil - Coconut (Organic) 8oz
Our Organic Coconut Oil is a carrier oil that is smooth, oily, and very useful for aromatherapy applications. Also called fractioned coconut oil, coconut carrier oil contains mostly medium-chain fatty acids, keeping it liquid at room temperature. It will feel very smooth to the skin, but won’t clog pores. Coconut oil is extracted from the white of the coconut, called the copra. This is a great oil for general moisturizing as it creates a protective layer that retains moisture in the skin. It is mild enough to be suitable for those with skin sensitivities. It is one of the few carrier oils that washes out of fabrics relatively easily, a fact many Massage therapists know. These professionals use Coconut oil because it does launder out more easily, saving them the expense of having to replace their sheets.

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8 Ounces - $9.99

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