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Essential Oil - Camphor

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Botanical name: Cinnamomum camphora
Color: Clear
Consistency: Thin liquid
Perfumery note: Base
Related Planets/Deities: Moon/Diana/Thoth
Aroma: Sharp, airy, minty
Energetic Properties: Invigorating, clearing, opening

Aromatherapy Properties: A colorless to pale yellow liquid with a sharp, pungent camphoraceous odor.

Spiritual Uses: Camphor is related to the moon, and therefore assist in moon-related workings such as divination, astral travel, and dreaming. When camphor is difussed in to the air, it will clear negative or distracting energies from a space. Inhaling the scent will also clear the mind, allowing one to focus and relax in to meditative workings.

Blends well with: This oil blends quite well with basil for an engaging, stimulating scent, and with Chamomile and Lavender to aid in centering and relaxation.

History: The word “camphor” can be traced back to the Sanskrit “karpuura,” and was used for many purposes, from deodorant to non-edible preservative. It is mentioned in the Koran as a flavoring for drinks. Camphor is also widely used in Hindu religious ceremonies. Hindus worship a holy flame by burning camphor, which forms an important part of many religious ceremonies. Camphor is used in the Mahashivratri celebrations of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction and (re)creation. As a natural pitch substance, it burns cool without leaving an ash residue, which symbolizes consciousness.

Perfect for use with our Ceramic Oil Burners.
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