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Essential Oils

Our Essential Oils are truly verifiable, therapeutic-grade oils at co-op prices.  We proudly carry the entire line of oils manufactured by Essential Oil Exchange, a member-driven wholesale shop devoted to quality and purity in essential oils. Perfect for everything from creating a mood, to helping with emotional well-being, to skin care or as aphrodisiacs for the adventurous. Essential Oils are highly concentrated and only need to be used in small quantities giving you great value for their price.

Essential Oils Provide a Variety of Uses...

Carrier Oils, Complexes and Massage Oils can be used for many purposes. Straight from the bottle, they can be safely applied directly to the skin to calm and rejuvenate.  All of our Essential Oils offered here at SpiritualScents are food-grade, organic grown oils.  We pride ourselves on that and think it shows in the effectiveness our every one of our oils.

Also, Essential Oils are absolutely perfect for blending into Carrier Oils.  Carrier Oils are typically used to make massage oils, and each kind of Carrier Oil has something different to offer.  For a sensual massage add a few drops of something spicy such as Spicy Orange blended within something earthy such as Patchouli.  To give a relaxing massage, a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil on its own to any carrier oil can have powerful relaxing effects.  Half the fun is coming up with your own blends and synergies from two, three or more of your favorite essential oils.

Essential Oils are also perfect when added to some water in Oil Burners or potpourri.  The scent will delicately fill a room, and without any smoke or residue like some incenses can cause.  Since all of our oils are plant-based, food grade oils, they can actually be quite amazing to breathe in.

Lastly, we know many enthusiasts who take their favorite essential oils with them when traveling.  It's a portable energizer to fill your space with delicate scents, to dab on your skin when you want to get energized or relaxed; and so on.

When it comes to trusting that the products we have to offer are true therappeutic-grade Essential Oils, we proudly carry Essential Oil Exchange oils only.  We know you can go direct to them for your essential oil needs, but we offer a 10% discount over their retail prices here at SpiritualScents, and we offer the complete line of Florapathics products as well.

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